Offering an exceptional after service experience to your customers is essential to boost your brand image and brand loyalty. Today's customers expect to purchase spare parts for their products online, fast & convenient with service agents available to clarify open questions. Unfortunately, for many brands offering the service customers have learned to expects creates a big financial burden. Meanwhile offering spare parts on your own site can distract customers from your main products and distort the analytics used to evaluate your marketing and SEO efforts.


Suitcase.Repair can help you offer an exceptional customer experience by offering spare parts online or handling your warranty cases while saving you cost, allowing you to focus on your core business. Read more below on the benefits of partnering with Suitcase.Repair.

Stand Out From Your Competition

A great customer service experience has never been more important than today. Customers came to expect answers within minutes or hours instead of days.

At the same time with sustainability becoming more important to consumers the availability and the clear pricing of spare parts have become an important factor in the purchasing process.

By listing your spare parts on Suitcase.Repair customers can easily identify that your brand offers the high quality service they expect to receive and thereby stand out from your competitors.

A Service Quality You Can Rely On

By offering the spare parts for multiple brands we are able to provide customers with extended service times through email and live chat. At the same time our service team becomes a seamless extension of your existing team by forwarding cases to you if they cannot be resolved from our side.

Warranty Service: For brands looking to further reduce their service expenditure we can also provide you with a warranty service. In this case our service team will evaluate warranty requests according to your warranty policy and resolve them through a repair or replacement following your established processes.

Great Service Should Not Break The Bank

For consumers purchasing the spare parts out-of-warranty the pricing should be attractive to keep them loyal to your brand. This is why our spare parts are priced competitively based on the price the parts are provided to us by you. As a brand you are reimbursed for the cost of the spare parts sold.

For in-warranty repairs our pricing allows you to dramatically reduce your repair costs (in some cases > 50% per case) and associated customer service costs while providing customers with a superior experience.

Benefit From Unmatched Accuracy

By offering your parts on Suitcase.Repair the days of sending spare parts which do not fit the suitcase of the customer are gone. At Suitcase.Repair customers can shop with confidence that the parts will fit their products.

Additionally, customers benefit by being able to shop spare parts for suitcases from multiple brands on one site and can visit one of the repair shops we cooperate with to perform the repair should they not feel confident in performing the repair by themselves.

Promote Your Brand

At Suitcase.Repair we offer a wide variety of marketing options from an enhanced display of your brand on our site to featured offers or a newsletter campaign.

Our marketing options are offered exclusively to brands offering their spare parts on Suitcase.Repair allowing you to win new customers at an important touchpoint in the customer lifecycle.

Simplify your Supply Chain

At Suitcase.Repair we focus exclusively on spare parts which allows us to simplify your supply chain.

Through our close collaboration with luggage factories and component manufacturers spare parts can be collected directly from your suppliers (e.g. in China) to ensure that your own logistics can focus on your products without worrying about spare part logistics.

Of course, we can also collect your spare parts from your domestic warehouse.

Serve Customers Wherever They Are

Luggage and luggage spare parts could not be more different when it comes to shipping volumes and weights and thus shipping prices.

Through our focus on spare parts you and your customers benefit from attractive shipping rates to destinations worldwide.

At the same time you do not stock matching packaging materials for various types of spare parts but can focus on your core business.

Focus On Parts In High Demand

After listing your spare parts on Suitcase.Repair you can benefit from accurate demand forecasts for different models and spare parts allowing you to focus on spare parts in high demand.

For parts with a low demand we offer additional services to allow shipping them directly from suppliers or to display alternative parts fitting the customers item thereby reducing the rate of unrepairable items.

You also have the option of accessing granular analytics data to further improve your products.

Start Offering Your Spare Parts Today

Providing an exceptional customer experience by partnering with Suitcase.Repair has never been easier. Schedule a call with us below to discuss your individual needs and your onboarding plan.

The best of all: Our Basic plan is completely FREE and allows you to list your spare parts on Suitcase.Repair and profit from our customer service.

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