A damaged suitcase can be very unpleasant to deal with. Gladly, many damaged parts such as wheels, carry handles or telescopic handles can easily be replaced by yourself. We are often contacted with the question why customers have to pay for the spare parts for their suitcases and if they are not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

The exact terms and conditions for the manufacturer warranty can be different for every brand. However, the following conditions are most common:

What is commonly covered by the manufacturer warranty?

Most luggage brands provide a warranty covering material and production errors. This may include seams which are not holding, fabric damage in areas which are not subject to usual wear and tear, or material problems such as the handle material becoming brittle within the warranty period.

What damages does the warranty not cover?

As brands limit their warranty to material and production errors anything which is not covered by this is not part of the warranty. Most brand specify additionally that the following types of damages are not covered for further clarification:

  • Damages by third parties e.g. airlines or cruise ship companies. The good news is that in such cases the transporter of your luggage is typically liable for damages. It is recommended to report any damage to the airline / cruise ship company before leaving the terminal. Some airlines do allow a grace period of up to 7 days to report damages but we do recommend reporting damages immediately.
  • Damages caused by improper use of the item. This may include many different types of damages from overpacking and closing the item with force which could lead to the zipper tearing apart to lifting the suitcase on the telescopic handle instead of the carry handle which could lead to the telescopic handle being ripped off. 
  • Usual wear and tear. Usual wear and tear always relates to the use of the item. For people using their suitcase on a daily basis signs of wear and tear e.g. on the wheels may show earlier compared to people only using their suitcase for 2-3 trips per year. In either case as the damages are caused by the regular use of the item they are not covered by the warranty. Signs of unusual wear and tear e.g. if the rubber of the wheel is getting loose after just a few weeks are usually still covered by the warranty.

What costs are covered by the warranty?

Most brands cover the cost of a repair or in case the item is unrepairable of a replacement if the damage is covered by their warranty.

In case a repair is possible you typically have the choice of repairing the item yourself and receiving the spare part free of charge or sending the item in for repair to the brand. Typically, the cost of sending the item in for repair has to be covered by the customer which would be an additional expense. Additionally, it might be challenging to find a matching carton to securely pack the suitcase. The return shipping is typically covered by the brand.


What if my suitcase can no longer be repaired?

First of all we recommend checking what kind of damages can be repaired. In case the damage of your suitcase can no longer be repaired and if the damage is covered by the manufacturer warranty you must contact the retailer from whom you have purchased the item to make a warranty claim. Please remember that a warranty proof will be required to make a warranty claim. Some brands also allow to contact them directly for warranty claims with a valid warranty proof, as this is generally an exception we recommend first returning to the retailer / shop you have purchased the item from.

In case the damage is not covered by the manufacturer warranty you will unfortunately have to purchase a new suitcase.

How can I claim the warranty for my suitcase?

To make a warranty claim most brands require you to contact the retailer you have purchased the item from with a valid warranty proof. Afterwards, the retailer will together with the brand organize a repair or a replacement of the item. Please note that many brands require that the warranty claim is submitted through a retailer and not the brand directly as you have purchased the item not from the brand directly but from the retailer.

Tip: Even if your suitcase is still brand new it is possible to register an account on suitcase.repair. Here you can save the model number and (if available) the serial number of your suitcase and upload the warranty proof so you have it ready in case you ever have to make a warranty claim.

If the damage is covered by the warranty can I make a warranty claim directly through suitcase.repair and receive the spare parts free of charge?

Yes, for some brands we do offer that you can directly receive the required spare parts for your repair free of charge on a warranty basis. Currently, this is only possible for the following brands which have authorized us to provide in-warranty repairs for their items:

  • Eminent
  • Probeetle
  • Case-Star

We are working hard to expand the number of brands for which we can offer this service as soon as possible.

For products from these brands for which repairs are possible you can contact our support team with images of the damage and your warranty proof. Our support team will check the spare parts you need and will issue you a voucher with which you can order the necessary spare parts free of charge.

Important: For damages which cannot be repaired or if the original spare part and also possible alternative spare parts for your model are unavailable you must contact the retailer you have purchased the item from to organize a exchange or replacement of the item as we can only offer spare parts available on suitcase.repair as in-warranty repairs.